Survey Type Comparison

The items below are examples of what can be included, however, this is only a guide and will vary subject to the property type and recommendations in your building/mortgage survey/valuation

Survey Type




External path/ground levels

Cellar/basement damp inspection

Ground floor rising damp inspection

Ground floor timbers (dry/wet-rot, beetle infestation, sub-floor ventilation)

Solid floors

Upper floor timbers

Roof timbers (dry/wet-rot, beetle infestation, roof space ventilation)

Chimney breast damp inspection

Penetrating damp (visual inspection)

Condensation inspection

Cavity wall tie inspection

Roof external inspection (pitched & flat roof coverings)

Chimney stack inspection

External lintel inspection (window/door openings)

Lateral restraint

Party fire wall (roof space)

Chimney breast support

Brickwork mortar pointing

Rainwater goods

Electrical inspection

Plumbing/heating inspection

Underground/concealed drainage

Asbestos inspection

*Please note:  Our inspection and reports do not constitute in whole or in any part a Mortgage or Structural Survey. Subject to our findings, it may be necessary to instruct a Structural Engineer to carry out a detailed inspection.